• A more flexible approach to enterprise file share with IBM PureFlex

NumSync by Numvision is an EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) software, targeting both :

  • • Managed Services Providers and ,
  • • companies willing to host their sync/share service in their own private cloud.

This professional « Drop box »-like solution allows companies to supply an easy way to collaborate between employees, subcontractors and partners. The ergonomic of the software has been especially designed to eliminate the users need for a training.

NumSync by Numvision is now available on IBM PureFlex and part of IBM PureSystems, a new breed of integrated solutions which combined the flexibility of a generic solution, the elasticity that brings the Cloud and the simplicity of the virtual appliance..

Thanks to IBM PureFlex, NumSync file share/sync solution is not only easy to deploy but also easy to manage. And reducing deployment time and simplify production are the best ways to reduce Opex.

Optimization done by Numvision to run on PureSystems allows our joint customers to get substantial time savings. Production efficiency and agility are important benefits for companies willing to rapidly deploy services within a short timeframe compared to traditional systems and to answer reactively to unplanned requirements.

  • About IBM Pureflex system

The IBM PureFlex system is a complete infrastructure combining servers, storage, network, virtualization and administration in one place.

The integrated expertise coming from PureFlex system helps IT departments to easily handle Cloud services and deploy in a flexible way models of virtual resources and hardware within a unified administration.

For more information, please visit http://www.ibm.com/ibm/puresystems

  • About Numvision

Numvision is a young French software publisher specializing in BtoB solutions for cloud storage. We have developed a highly innovative synchronization technology, which enables big files transfer in a snap.

Our EFSS software is named NumSync. It is a drop box for professionals, combining ergonomic and flexibility for the user on one side, with security, control, and traceability on the other : a first class tool to enable collaborative work inside and outside of the company !

With NumSync make sure you always have the right version of the file in time, on any device… and in a secure way!

You want to try NumSync ? Please contact us through sur www.NumSync.com