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Enterprise Cloud ...

Cloud is now a reality for most companies.The questions are: How to get there? How fast? And who are the best partners?


... is about
Cloud Storage ...

"Cloud Storage" is now one of the main issues for companies to access the benefits of the cloud. Nobody can afford to skip this important issue.


... that is Cloud &

Improve collaboration and productivity is the main reason for a company to look at cloud storage.


... made real with
NumSync !

NumSync is a backup, storage, synchronization and online sharing solution designed for companies to be easily deployed into private clouds.


NEW : IBM Pureflex

NumSync is now an IBM PureSystems partner, a new class of integrated solutions, which combine flexibility, elasticity and simplicity.


Enterprise Collaboration using Cloud
made real
by NumSync

NumSync is a backup, storage, synchronization and online sharing solution designed for companies and to be easy deployed into private clouds.


A first class tool to enable collaborative work
inside and outside of the company.

Always the right version of the file in time, on any device. In a secure way!



NumSync automatically backs up your data in real-time to securely store them online


Web Access
24h/24 7j/7

NumSync gives you access to your data from a PC, tablet or any smartphone in a secure way through a web browser.



NumSync synchronizes transparently your data through all your devices (Mac, PC, Linux) in real-time.


Share data

With NumSync share in 2 clicks your data with your authorized contacts, either for donwload or synchronization.

User Experience

Simple and easy to use, no learning time required

  • Screen 1: Connect!
  • Screen 2: Synchronize!
  • Screen 3: Access to your data!
  • Screen 4: Share your folders!
  • Screen 5: Control how it is shared!
  • Ecran 6 : Check you account !
  • Screen 7: Manage your account!

Market point of view

Different requirements and goals but one solution

From a technical point of view

Different points of view and technologies but one relevant solution

NumSync vs. other products

NumSync offers the best of both worlds

NumSync increases significantly productivity without comprising companies' security!

As a CIO,
I need to:

  • Keep control of the company's data
    Be compliant with security requirements

    Decide where to store our servers, who will be in charge of the administration
    And who will use the service
    Have a seamless integration in the existing infrastructure

    Be able to use our selected frameworks and middlewares
    Connect the soloution to company resources (LDAP, Monitoring, Backup…)
    Ensure a service of very good quality to my users

    . Be pro-active on the administration and management of the service
    . Monitor and configure the solution remotely.

As a user,
I need to have:

  • A powerful tool to work anywhere and in collaborative way!
    Full autonomy and easy to use

    . An intuitive tool with no learning curve
    . Tracability, support and remote help desk
    Transparent backup

    . Backup everything I want without constraint
    . Restore quickly when I need it
    Secured web access

    . Access from anywhere, anytime to my data
    . Especially when I am travelling
    Synchronize between my computers

    . Synchronize what I want without problem
    . Synchronize everything between Windows, MacOs or Linux
    Share my data in a secure way

    . Allow others to access to my data
    . Know exactly who is doing what with my data

Discover and try our solution in your environment

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